Wednesday, February 25, 2009

best green blogs & eco-tips for your home

-- Best Green Blogs --

Dave and I are very pleased to announce that this blog - Brummet's Conscious Discussions - that I have been managing has been included in the "BEST GREEN BLOGS" listing! We are honored, and excited by this rating. If you are interested, please check it out - and if you like, leave a comment about this blog- on the Best Green Blog site.

According to their site: "Best Green Blogs is the web’s largest directory of green and sustainable themed weblogs. Writers from all over the world are publishing articles and stories dealing with a wide variety of topics dealing with environmental issues and green living; and Best Green Blogs is an attempt to capture some of that independent publishing spirit. Whether you are blogging about green parenting in Chicago or organic gardening in China, we want to hear about it! Our selection of categories is diverse, but what they all have in common is the desire to educate people about making smarter, more sustainable choices for themselves and the planet we call home."

As such I heartily recommend this site as a valuable resource. I've been following this blog on twitter and on blogger for quite some time and I am genuinely grateful for all that they do.

Here is the direct link to the page where we can be found, followed by the homepage location of their site:

-- Energy Aware and Waste Wise --

Constantly bombarded with negative information about the environment, finances and natural resources? Feeling overwhelmed? Each and every one of us can do something to help our world - starting right where we are, right now. Though not everyone can afford to donate cash or time to a cause, there are endless tactics that will decrease an individual’s contribution to the landfill and their resource consumption.

Mirrors, placed strategically in a room can be used to make use of natural lighting more efficiently, and reduce energy use as well. When placed near indoor plants, mirrors act like a second window creating better growing conditions while giving the illusion of increased space and greenery to the ambiance of a room.

When loading the clothes dryer, fluff the wet and tangled laundry before tossing into the machine. This allows for immediate and more efficient use of dryer energy. Very hot settings (which can actually shrink clothing) can thus be avoided. Also, do several loads in a row to take advantage of the pre-warmed dryer elements.

Typically, the heated air from a clothes dryer is pumped outside and wasted. Consider purchasing a dryer vent converter - available at most hardware stores. These are little boxes that divert the heated air from the dryer into the house during the cold and dry winter months – making better use of your energy dollar while saving a little on heating costs. Be warned that this air is moist, and this may not be appropriate in all situations. Homes with dry static air or wood heat would benefit from the moisture, but buildings that already have a moisture problem (evident by mold and mildew or sweating and frosted windows) will only have their issues compounded by doing this.

Instead of buying disposable dryer sheets for static control, consider using a liquid fabric softener with a reused rag or sock. Pour a Tablespoon of the liquid on the rag, roll it up and squeeze (to soak up all the softener) and toss in the dryer. Wash the rag periodically by throwing it in with a normal load. Just imagine the number of dryer sheets, the packaging they came in, along with the costs, energy and resources to produce them that can be avoided by this one simple act.

If you do consume dryer sheets, consider saving several sheets that have been used once and together they will have the power to dry another load... extending their value and your budget. Alternatively try reusing those old dryer sheets to freshen the garbage cans, car, clothes drawers, closets and cupboard or storage areas.

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