Monday, February 23, 2009

National Family Literacy Week is upon us :)

National Family Literacy Week !!
-- Authors Read --

Authors Read - a 15 minute radio program - offers authors, storytellers and poets a chance to read from their published work. This radio program stemmed from my work as a book reviewer; as a reviewer and a voracious reader I have been enabled to donate more than a thousand books into our community in less than 6 years through various charitable organizations including: Grand Forks and West Boundary Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy - Women's Resource Center - Whispers of Hope Org. - Grand Forks Public Library - Community Futures Resource Center

Authors Read is just another way that Dave and I can support literacy on a global scale.

There is nothing like hearing a story told the way the writer intended it to be read… straight from the writer's lips is even better!

Today’s Authors Read Radio guest: Penny Pearlman - Reading From: Pretty Smart; Lessons from Miss Americas To access this archived episode simply click on the hyper-linked show title or look to the right on this page for the link to the Authors Read radio show.


-- Quote of the Day --

“…Before I wrote the book, we made a plan. One of the first things I did was write the title and the ad for the book. Then I wrote an outline and made the chapter headings …making them sales and market appealing. You can write the best book in the world but if it doesn’t market well… so think from a marketing perspective and work backwards from where you want to be. Too many people try to create a business or a book because they have a passion for it. …I see a lot of passionate people go bankrupt every day. …If you don’t have a marketing plan or a sales plan then it will be very hard to sell. ”
~ Mark Tewart – Dec 23, 2008

This quote above was taken from an interview with Mark Tewart on Dec 23, 2008 on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show. To access this very informative interview on how to explode sales responsibly, simply click on the hyper-linked show title here, or look to the right for the link to the Conscious Discussions show.

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