Friday, February 27, 2009

Environment, Toxins & chatter :)

-- Quote of the Day --
“There was a village it was on the Nissitissit River…in the early 1800’s it was a thriving little mill town …and had a lot of small industries… I think the lunacy and insanity that enveloped the valley was more environmental poisoning from the stuff that they were working on and the stuff in the river and the 40,000-acre drainage basin above it and the 5 villages above it. …In the early 1800’s nobody wanted to admit that there was lunacy in their family… they referred to as people it dying in an unusual way out there. To make felt they had to use mercurial oxide… They were exposed to mercury through their footwear. …I found they also had a velvet shop and you can’t iron velvet, you have to steam it so when I researched the colors back then… they were filled with arsenic and vermillion. …Even wallpaper was poison back then. …The term “mad as a hatter” was from hat makers who used felt in their hats and went stark-raving mad…”
~ Rosemary Chaulk 10/30/08

This fascinating interview with author Rosemary Chaulk can be found in the archived interviews on the Conscious Discussions home page (look to the right side of that site for the list of archives). * Note: Archives are listed according to the month in which they aired... To access Rosmary's interview click on October, 2008 and choose the appropriate link from there.

-- Authors Read Radio --

Authors Read featured Lloyd Lofthouse today, author of the award-winning romance novel, My Splendid Concubine – Click on the hyper-linked show title here in this blog or look to the right of on this page for a link to the Authors Read radio show.

-- Updates & Chatter --

March is promising to be another very busy month – In fact between our two radio shows… we have 25 episodes lined up for our listeners… On Conscious Discussions this month we have experts coming in to share valuable information on: hospice & care-giving, changing our thought-patterns, freedom for plus-sized people, a view into the world of law enforcement, overcoming adversity & inspiring others, inspiring technology, animal rescue efforts, the National Institute of the Blind ... and tips to help us support people with Cancer! Authors Read will be featuring a range of genres including: Children's, Paranormal, Short Story, Self-help & Memoir.

The 2nd editon of our 3rd book, Purple Snowflake Marketing is expected to be released in March in a variety of formats including electronic and paperback. We put a lot of effort into this new edition and readers of the 1st edition will find there is increased content in all 19 chapters - as well, we have over 780 online resources for writers to follow up on. *We've personally used every single one of these resources ourselves - so they do not come recommended lightly. Dave designed yet another beautiful cover for this book project and the publisher (who has a cover design team) agreed that it would work well for this book. So we are thrilled to have so much of the book's creation our own, yet again. *Towards Understanding's cover is also Dave's creation as was the 1st edition of Purple Snowflake Marketing - see links to these books on the right side of this blog...

In preparation for this new release Dave has designed stunning bookmarks, and we are only waiting for their arrival now from the En Masse Media printing company. We've worked with them for about 3-4 years now due to their incredible environmental commitments, very high quality and durable products. They use 100% recycled content materials and 100% veggie inks. *Soy based inks still contain some petroleum product, so veggie inks are one step further toward a healthier planet.

We are currently working with several places in and around a 5 hour drive radius (round trip) for book signing and lecture events on book marketing / business marketing for the release of this new book. Because of this we felt it necessary to stock up a few more promotional copies of our first two books and as soon as they arrived, we had to send 5 out to radio shows across the US who want to do something with us in the near future.

The Brummet's Monthly newsletter went out on Feb 25 to an opt-in list of subscribers - if you'd like to receive the newsletter, simply send us an email via

I'm back to taking on book review projects and currently have 12 or more assignments to complete (thru the Curled Up review site), 1/2 of which have been read so I only have to do the articles now.

Dave will be working on trailers, ads and a variety of behind-the-scenes activities like crazy over the next few weeks. He's designed some beautiful closing music for our radio shows that we'll be uploading and using soon. He's also the fella behind those intros & outros for our 2 radio shows & the audio ads for our books
. He has a few more audio promo sound bites to add for me to use in the near future. ...And as you probably saw we are also gaining sponsors for the radio show... ads on the site & on the show itself, so we are really happy to see that growth.

Now is the time for preparing the seed vault ( lol ) for the upcoming gardening season. I've already started some of the hanging basket flowers (almost a week late, however) and so we'll be starting up the Sunday Gardening episodes again soon on Conscious Discussions . I can't promise exactly when at the moment, since that decision will be made when our schedule allows for it. I can promise that I'll do my best to let you know when the Sunday Gardening episodes start up again.

Well, that is the updates for now... I'm off to walk the dogs while Dave takes over the computer and then I've got to check on those little seeds I just started to see if they are drying out. A big day of to-do's lies in wait for me - however I've really enjoyed sharing this with you today.

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