Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Health directly connected to the Health of this Planet

-- Quote of the Day --

“…The bottom line is there are no guardians. Period. …There is nobody watching over us. We have been lulled into this sense of security… What controls our countries is the almighty dollar; …people are concerned with making larger profits. …You cannot rely on other people to tell you that a product is safe because it is not… Out of 100 products on lining a shelf …I have to plan ahead when I go on vacation so that I can go to a natural health store and by a safe brand (of sun screen). …We don’t have to change our life, we just have to change our brands …Take bread for instance, bread has a lot of chemicals in it. …They’ll have things like potassium bromate, I even saw parabin recently; there is crap in our bread! …You have to go through the whole bread isle read every ingredient and pick the brand that is safe …and that will be your brand. …That’s going to keep you much safer and healthier, just by switching brands - not necessarily mean overhauling your life. …I have a saying that goes: ’2, 4 or 5 and stay alive’; and that refers to plastics. …If you buy say a gallon jug of water – the cloudy jug is made out of a numbe 2 plastic, the clear one is made out of a #1 or #3 – water can only sit in those plastics for 20 min before it has toxins throughout. So it is nice to know that if you buy a jug of water in a cloudy container you might not be killing your kids. ”
~ Teresa Holler – Feb 12, 2009

This quote was taken from an interview with Teresa Holler on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show on Feb 12 this year focused on "toxins in everyday products". Simply click on the hyper-links here or look to the right to find the radio show link.

-- Eco-News --

Re: Cancer – According to an article by Raymond Emsleck in the Weekender newspaper :

The Stop Cancer Now organization has found that toxins in the environment are likely the cause of the increase of cancer across globe. A little research on the internet and one can quickly determine that automobiles, and smoke stacks from industrial, oil and incineration plants are all considered to be top toxin producers. Organics in the landfill are another top concern.

According to the Prevent Cancer Now website ( : “Incinerators emit hundreds of pollutants, including carcinogens, into our air, land and water every day. Health Canada says the biggest source of dioxins and furans come from the burning of municipal and medical waste.” This site has a list of resources, action alerts and a newsletter among other informative mediums available there. I encourage everyone to check it out.

-- Eco - Gardening Resource --

Today I'd like to recommend a great resource for learning about the micro and macro biological life in soil: for Canadians

– or – for the US.

According to their site they "encourage the growth of life in soil, setting free currently unused, profit-making potential. By testing the soil and providing a wide range of detailed lab analysis reports, Soil Foodweb can show you which organisms are present in your soil, how many are present, and whether you have the right kinds working to release the benefits latent in your soil."

Find Dave & Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio shows & free resources & articles at

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