Saturday, March 28, 2009

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“…People no longer have to suffer in silence… if you look at the state of the social internet today there are 3 main pillars: the oldest - forums, then blogs, then the behemoth sites like myspace, facebook, etc. The Experience Project is placed right in the middle of these. …Blogging (like journaling) is very therapeutic, I’ve seen studies that show huge benefits… but the blog is public. I’ll use myself for an example: I had a blog, loved it, but then I found out that my mom was reading, then my boss’s wife was reading it and I found myself really curtailing and editing what I was sharing there. But at the Experience Project our members are anonymous so they can really be themselves. You can talk about the things that make you who you are – some of those are triumphs and some of those are challenges …Sometimes we might be lucky enough to have a circle of friends of family who are helpful to a certain extent, but there are a lot of issues that would be taboo to discuss or may lead to gossip, judgment and people treating you differently. Or they’d try to help you and end up not helping you at all. You may be a mother who has Multiple Sclerosis or your husband is deployed in Iraq, or you may be starting a new college… People find a lot of comfort at the Experience Project”
~ Armen Berjikly – Feb 17, 2009

Find this interview Re: the Experience Project Org. with Armen Berjikly via the Conscious Discussions talk radio show link to the right - or via the hyper-links here.

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- offers a free solar e-book! From the site: "Thinking about solar power for your home or business? Want more information on how solar power works? Interested in what you can do to help the environment? For a limited time you can get all the answers you are looking for with FREE information from the Real Goods Solar Living Source Book."

- From the site: "BeMoreEco is the chatty arm of, the green shopping gateway. We’re interested in all things eco-green, good and ethical for this cosy little planet of ours. What we like best are clever ideas, anything that’s innovative, unique or just plain smart."

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