Sunday, March 15, 2009

unemployment - an opportunity ... & reuse tips that save money

-- Quote of the Day --

“I don’t know if our parents can truly understand [employment downsizing]. …I think it is very interesting to see how my kids react. …They know they will be switching companies, to them it is a fact of life. For my parents generation – that thought just didn’t happen. For our generation – the boomers - it is really a mixture; I think we thought we were going to stay with the same company and in fact it does not happen like that. So I think we are kind of a combination of those. …This is the time when the universe is hitting you upside the head…to do what you are meant to do on this Earth. What I am doing now I am very happy with even though I am not making as much money as before, I am much happier and more myself. …It is a way of rediscovering yourself. …I looked at what I was doing that I enjoyed without getting paid for it, and worked with that. …Fear is the biggest thing that puts you down, in fact I think everything is driven by fear and once we let that go life can be very rewarding.”
~ Steve Mayfield – Dec 16, 2008

This week I have been finding myself exhausted by around 5 or 6 PM and have been breaking my own rule and started watching the news and ET - simply out of wanting something to stare at and not think for a while. It is no surprise to find that the news hour continues to perpetuate depressing topics... and the other show, well it is nothing short of ridiculous. But back to the original thought - the news has been reporting a huge increase in unemployment. Now much of this is due to seasonal jobs which start up again in just a few months, so traditionally we would see an increase of unemployment this time of year with a better outlook in the Spring. With that in mind, we all know there is a shift going on in society and as with any shift there will be a period of upheaval as we all settle into the change.

Already we are seeing a vast increase in demand for green technology, medical and environmental sciences and service sectors (for the elderly). Single proprieter businesses (owner is the only employee) are popping up regularly offering the individual control over their schedule and security. Each of these fields offer numerous opportunities to have an positive impact with our careers - rather than being another number that punches a time card - and this opens a whole new life of meaning, a feeling of having value and purpose in life.

So we can look at these changing times that we are facing as a horrible, heartless event... or we can embrace the change and use the opportunity to pursue our dreams and follow our bliss (as Joseph Campbell, reknowned mythologist, so often said).

I encourage our blog readers to check out the interview with Steve Mayfield, the author of the quote of the day, which aired on December 16, 2008 on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show. Simply click on the hyper-linked show title here and look for the archives listed according to the month that they aired - OR - click the link for December 16th's interview with Steve Mayfield here: Downsizing is Rebirth.

-- Conscious Living Tips --

- Bring a few soap pieces into the shower with you, when they are softened, they can be pressed together forming a new bar of soap.

- Both the uses of digital cameras and getting film on CD rather than printed reduce chemicals, paper and cost. Digital cameras reduce the use of flashes and extends the life of the batteries in the camera.

- Donate any used magazine, periodicals and newsletters to the library, office waiting rooms, shelters, laundry mats, staff coffee rooms, hospitals and hotels. Once the address label for subscribers is peeled or cut off, anonymity is guaranteed.

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