Thursday, April 23, 2009

bio-fuel, positive eco-news & today's marketing opportunities

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-- Quote of the Day --

Mark Tewart joined us in December, 2008 to discuss his views on today's marketing opportunities:

“I think it is tremendous, even more so in today’s economy, because people are thinking they don’t have a budget, that there is too much out there and that people are not going to listen right now. …The first thing is to acknowledge that there is a vast market out there for your product. Business people are bombarded by news of the economy and are wanting to cut, cut, cut – but the reality is that if you want to grow you cant cut your way there. Especially now - and you have to think of terms of growth and that involves marketing in a effective, responsible manor. …They are practicing “one stage marketing” – meaning radio commercial, display ad that says: ‘Come buy from me’. What we like to do is to do is 2-5 stage marketing… I might run a much smaller ad, maybe even a classified ad, offering a free special report – outlining how that report will help them. Or maybe the ad will direct them to a 1-800# recorded message line that offers free information and directs them to your site to get the free special report. …This is a much cheaper, but very effective and highly targeted way of marketing. The old school way of advertising is incredibly dead right now.”
~ Mark Tewart – Dec 23, 2008

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-- Positive Eco-News --

Poland has come up with a very interesting recycle system that can turn waste grass such as wet straw and moldy hay into a biomass fuel. Several units have been operating in Poland successfully garnering them interest from all over the world. There are also applications in place for turning grasses into a cellulose material that would be converted into paper products.

Interestingly there is a bio-harvester recently designed to simultaneously feel, chip and collect small diameter woody biomass - which can be used to produce bio-energy or fuel for wood stove pellet production, among other uses. The applications of this harvester include fire control, field edge control from wild species, creek and river bed clearance and also trail maintenance.

Canada is also looking at bio-fuel inventions as an opportunity to use waste wood more efficiently from the forest and wood processing industries, but also from the damage caused by the Pine Beetle that has been devastating large portions of evergreen forests.

The Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries recently announced that it has chosen Akita Prefecture from among applicants as a location to conduct a model project utilizing soft cellulose. The model project aims to conduct verification tests to establish a technology for production of bio-ethanol made from soft cellulose biomass, such as rice straw and husk, that do not compete with food supply.

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