Wednesday, April 29, 2009

quote & updates :)

-- Quote of the Day --

"For the sake of future generations, we must collect and study the wild and weedy relatives of our cultivated plants as well as domesticated vegetables. These sources are dangerously neglected. The future will not be so tolerant. We cannot afford to ignore any source of the gene pool."
~ Jack R. Harlan, Professor Emeritus

-- Up-Dates & Chatter -

I have just updated our myspace blog which gives you our schedule one week at a glance, which you can find at:

My newsletter - Brummet's Monthly - just went out yesterday: check out all the prizes we have in May! I hope that some of you can join me at the interviews throughout May and June :) Brummet's Monthly is an opt-in e-newsletter that goes out during the last week of every month. Simply email me asking to be on the list if you'd like receive the newsletter:

Our 2 radio shows have recently had all of May's episodes available for our listeners to browse through to see what is coming up. Simply click on the links to the right to find the sites for these 2 shows.

Now, yesterday on Conscious Discussions, we had some slight sound issues - a ticking sound - that was likely caused by the weather system in our area. We do apologize for any inconvenience. Similar technical issues kept us from airing Sunday Gardening segments recently. Such is the way with technology :) The next Sunday Gardening segment airs on May 3rd.

Tomorrow I'll likely get to our Book Tour site to register all the happenings that are going on in May.

Well, I'm off to the garden :) Thanks for dropping by - and don't forget to enter this week's draw for 5 great prizes! Scroll below for info on this week's contest...

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