Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Conscious Living Tips & Positive Eco-news

-- Positive Eco-News --

According to Recycling Product News magazine; spring 2009 issue, a recent study showed that discarded electronic circuit boards can be processed into an asphalt modifier that makes high-performance paving material that is cheaper, more durable and more eco-friendly.

Circuit boards do contain toxic metals such as lead and mercury but today’s recycling industry can easily separate these from the valuable glass fibers, plastic resins and other components.

-- Conscious Living Tips --

Occasionally here on the blog I offer tips like these to help inspire our readers & help them realize just how easy it is to make a difference. Our book, Trash Talk, is loaded with tips & information on reuse, recycling, reducing, refusing & gardening, among other things.... see the link for this book on the right side of this blog - by purchasing your own copy at Barnes & Nobles or your favorite book supplier, you are helping me keep this blog, our newsletter & two radio shows alive.

Today's tips include:

- Keep blinds closed on hot sunny days, open on cold days.

- Plan your garden & landscaping around seasonal changes.

- Pay bills online & have companies send bills via email, rather than mailing to you.

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

Author Ruby Abrahams is joining me today on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show to banish all thoughts in our listener’s minds in regards to negative emotions associated with the aging process. We will learn to refrain from denying our aging process, and embrace it instead. Join us by clicking on the hyper-link here - or look to the right for a link that will take you to the Conscious Discussions talk radio show.
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