Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Housing the Homeless & New Plastic Technology

-- Plastics --

According to the Japan For Sustainability Org (www.japanfs.org): "In Japan, approximately 150 thousand tons of used plastics are discarded from the agricultural & fishery industries while 10 million tons are discarded in total." ...Thus the importance & increased interest in the world-wide research & development of biodegradable, recyclable & reusable plastics.

Wondering what the term biodegradable means? According to a Planet Green article, biodegradable items are "waste material composed of primarily naturally-occurring constituent parts, able to be broken down and absorbed into the ecosystem."

The benefits of biodegradable plastics is a reduction in the labor involved for collection & sorting in the recycling industry, as well as the additional bonus at the landfill where careless discarding of recyclable materials continues today. You may recall that I had mentioned the newly discovered mold on the underside of the leaves from gramineous plants that has a high capacity for breaking down biodegradable plastics at a greatly accelerated rate. Hopefully, we will soon see packaging materials created from a more sustainable resource - in the meantime it is very interesting to watch the findings & technology that is being developed.

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-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

Today Hugh Simpson & I will be discussing the 7th Haven Development Organization & their ambitious goal to build 7,000,000 homes for the homeless across the globe. Hugh is the manager of numerous blogs & is launching Elite VIP Services in Atlanta to offer outsourcing services. He is also a TV producer & co-founder of Avmagination - a full service audio/visual production company specializing in edu-entertainment products. His participation in the Entrepreneur Training Corps will also be discussed today. If we have time we will touch on his former investigative reporter & copywriter experience & the very timely how-to book: Emergency Preparedness Guide for the Third Millennium. * We are currently setting up a 2nd interview for July with Hugh focusing on the information in this book.

Today's broadcast airs @ 10 a.m. (pacific) but will be archived for anyone to listen to at their convenience. Simply click on the hyper-linked show title here or look to the right for the link that will take you to the Conscious Discussions home page.

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