Saturday, June 6, 2009

Exciting eco & conscious living info

-- Quote of the Day --

Re: Inspiring people to become proactive in their communities:
“…One thing, if you are involved with a particular group, they often have social events and this is a great way to get people you know interested in the cause. …There are all kinds of things – for instance, if one of the charities a bake sale for instance you can get people you know who like to bake together to help. It is just a matter of getting the right people with the right skills involved. …my local church is a resource for me because they accept me as I am …and allow me to reach out and share my skills. …In my writing I do information about the events that are going on about the peace groups, things that help fight global warming, green living, groups that are working to fight poverty, and supporting civil rights. …These all help me bring about my overall goal of bringing of peace in the world where we can all get along and allow everyone to contribute, to live in peace – and with respect.
~ Debbie Jordan - May 12, ’09

Today's quote came from an online radio interview with Debbie Jordan that aired on May 12, 2009. In this discussion about Ending Poverty and Building Peace, Debbie and I covered a lot of material - but this quote includes some of my favorite excerpts during that interview. To access the archived interview (which is free and available any time of day) simply click on the hyper-linked show title above, or look to the right for a link to take you to the Conscious Discussions talk radio show

-- Recommended Eco-Resource --

This link above will take you to an online video of a documentary that describes upcycling and recycling in real-life terms, the limitations of sustainability, and some of the most exciting findings, inventions and activities being taken seriously by big business that will certainly serve as an accellerant towards a healthy planet. I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary, I found it encouraging and exciting to say the least. *Thanks to Hugh Simpson who sent this URL our way.

-- Positive Eco-News --

In one of the more recent publications of the Japan for Sustainability's Newsletter ( I read that there have been field tests of "a synthetic liquid fuel, known as Fischer-Tropsch diesel (FTD), with the cooperation of Toyota Motor Corp. and others. In this test, a transit bus is being run on FTD fuel in the Tokyo Metropolitan area for about a year to collect data on exhaust gases and performance of vehicle parts under long-term usage of the fuel. ...FTD fuel can be synthesized from various feedstocks such as natural gas, biomass, and coal using the Fischer-Tropsch process, and its combustion properties are suitable for diesel engines. FTD, which contains no sulfur or aromatics, emits less particulate matter and other pollutants compared to conventional diesel."

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