Friday, September 25, 2009

Ahhh... days off!

Today is the first day of the three to four days that I am able to take off from work per month! Whew! I do look forward to my "days off"! lol

Wish me luck - it is so hard for me to take days off, I love what I do and have soooo much of it to do! But this is a promise I made - to take 3-4 days off per month... so here I am.

I've company for the last few days, it has been an incredible visit and I'm so pleased my Aunt & Uncle could make it out our way yet again.

Today's post is really just to let everyone know that I'll be away for a few days - out of the office at least - so any communications between now & then will be dealt with on Monday.

I encourage our blog readers to scroll through previous posts, and to also check out the archived broadcasts of our two radio shows - look to the right for links to our various sites, radio shows, etc.

Don't forget to enter our prize draw this week! (see previous posts for information on this week's contest).

Until Monday ...

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