Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pursuit of Happiness & the Planet's Health

-- Quote of the Day --

(People) don’t know that they are actually causing these feelings, they don’t know how to manage them… and so they become victims of their own feelings. …Inner Bonding Facilitators help people learn how to take responsibility for their feelings, what they are doing to cause their pain and how to manage their feelings so they can move into personal empowerment. …They have to get beyond their conditioning. …Our left brain is the Wounded Self – the part of the mind that absorbs our fears and false beliefs, we have to move into the right brain which can access love and truth. …The wounded self’s intention is to try and be safe through some kind of control, where as when we move into the Loving Adult we are learning to be safe through taking loving action.
~ Margaret Paul – Aug 18, 2009

The quote above was excerpted from a recent interview that aired on Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show where Margaret and I talked about Healing Fear and Pain. To access the archived show simply click on the hyperlinks above, or look to the right side of this page for links to Conscious Discussions Talk Radio.

-- Living One's Passions; Pursuing Dreams --

Today on the - Embracing My Journey Blog - owner: Caryn Gottlieb FitzGerald interviews Lillian Brummet on living one's passions, pursuing dreams...

-- Car Sharing --

I was recently reading an issue of the Japan for Sustainability Newsletter ( and was intrigued by a major parking service company's new project. The company, Park 24, and their partner, Mazda Car Rental Corp., launched a car sharing and car rental business in downtown Tokyo - starting with two stations that began operating on May 29, 2009.

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