Saturday, October 3, 2009

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-- Quote of the Day --

“ When we worked in Japan (& Indonesia) we encountered that being green is already incorporated into the culture – that people recognize the negative impact of their behavior. …When we green an event it is not just our responsibility to ensure that vendors are using recyclables, and bio-degradables, and diverting as much away from the landfill as possible – but it is also a part of our legacy to work with the event to create a program and to train the volunteers who sign up to educate the consumer and sort trash. …It is a personal legacy that we are trying to leave behind by inspiring and educating. …We have an incredible team that deals with sponsors and exhibitors… we ensure a festival attracts the greenest, most ethical companies… Where we need to go as an industry is to plan, in advance – so we would work with the municipalities to consider their water issues, evaluate things like stage construction projects... We also look at product replacement, food and beverage, renewable energy credit or alternative on-site power source, education, carpooling & public transport, waste diversion and recycling, etc. ...After the show, volunteers go through the compostable organics to ensure the local farmer is not receiving contaminates such as bits of plastic.”
Joseph Malki Sept 3 – 2009

The quote above originated from an interview that aired on the Sept 3, 2009 broadcast of the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show. Check out this archived interview by clicking on the hyperlink here or look to the right side of this page to find links to the radio program.

-- Another Busy Day --

Talk about multi-tasking!

I was cleaning house in between running the dishwasher and hosting the Authors Read radio show earlier this morning. During my lunch break I did some social networking tasks and took some time to actually eat something healthy :) - This afternoon sees me baking cookies & freezing cantaloupe harvested yesterday from the garden while listening to archived Conscious Discussions broadcasts and gleaning quotes for blog posts (like today). Later I'll be harvesting the last of the salad stuff - if the rain ever stops - from the south bed & then the kitchen clean up begins. Whew! and I've a mountain of emails to reply to when time allows later on this afternoon... - lol - Well, at least I'm staying out of trouble, right? And the evening meal will be left-overs :) !

-- Authors Read Radio --

Today's guest was unable to call in for some reason or other, so the host (me - Lillian Brummet) read excerpts from my book of poetry - Towards Understanding.
Check it out by clicking on this hyperlink: Authors Read radio

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