Saturday, October 10, 2009

Talk About Recycling...

-- Conscious Celebrations This Weekend --

Wow, what a weekend we have ahead of us with Oct 12th being Thanksgiving Day (Canada) and Columbus Day (USA) and today, Oct 10th, being World Day Against the Death Penalty

This is definitely a good time to evaluate our live, lifestyle and this society or community we are living in. Take the time to appreciate the positive movements towards conscious living that you have seen in your lifetime. Consider all the volunteers in your community and businesses that make an effort to better your community. View the trees that clean the air, and the clouds that grace our sky with renewed respect and joy. If you can take stock of what you appreciate in your own life on a daily basis, you will find that each day will seem a little brighter.

-- Authors Read Radio --

Today's scheduled featured author was unable to attend today, instead I read from pages 64, 65 and part of 66 from our book Trash Talk on Authors Read Radio Check out the archived show when you have time simply by clicking on the hyper-linked show title here, or look to the right side of this blog for links to recent episodes of the Authors Read Radio show.

-- Recycling Reduces Costs & Volume at Landfills --

Source: San Diego’s Zero Waste Group

In the city of San Diego - “City residents and businesses are keeping nearly two-thirds of their trash out of landfills largely because of bolstered recycling laws, financial incentives to keep construction debris out of dumps and consumers trying to save every penny by reusing more products and redeeming recyclables for cash. ...At 64 percent, San Diego's recycling rate for last year is up 12 percentage points from 2005 and above the state average of 59 percent."

Waste officials expect San Diego's rate to rise further next year, with the new recycling ordinances & the increased size of the green-waste facility at Miramar Landfill.

California has been a longtime national leader in recycling partly because its local governments face hefty fines if they don't meet the state's minimum threshold (50% recycle rate minimum). California recycles almost twice as much as the national average, and its lawmakers debate whether to raise the bar even more — perhaps to 75 percent.

US City Recycling Rates (2008)

• Carlsbad ... 61%
• Del Mar ... 73%
• Encinitas ... 61%
• Escondido ... 55%
• Los Angeles … 65%
• Oceanside ... 67%
• Poway ... 63%
• San Diego ... 64%
• San Franciso …72%
• San Marcos ... 67%
• Santee ... 61%
• Solana Beach ... 66%
• Vista ... 57%

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