Saturday, November 7, 2009

Recycling & Green Events

-- Quote of the Day --

I’m 64.5 years old and I meet a lot of people who say, ‘I can’t change, I’ve always done this…’ and I think of myself as a perfect example and say, ‘Of course you can change! As long as you are alive, you can make choices and decisions based on what you think is right.’ … I get to be out there and show people that you can be 60, 70, 80, or 90 and still change and grow. …The first step for greening any event is the the 3- R’s, which sounds so basic. …Think about how you can reduce – maybe the party can be done with less food, less packaging. …And Reuse, How can we do this and make it fun? Perhaps everyone can bring their own plate for food. …and of course for recycling make sure that you have the recycling bins and compost bucket ready for use. …If you took one item with reduce, one with reuse, one with recycle – you would be so much farther down the road (of greening your world)

~ Lynn Colwell Oct 15, 2009

I chose this quote today to go along with the events going on this week (see below). Lynn Colwell appeared on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show on Oct 15th along with her daughter to discuss how individuals can green any event - be it a birthday party, an office meeting or an all-out-bash. Check out the Greening Holidays & Events interview by clicking on the hyper-linked show title or looking to the right side of this blog where we have links to the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio

-- Conscious Living Events --

GARBAGE TO GOLD: A public talk on Zero Waste Management and environmental conservation

TOPIC: How to recycle 100% of rural & urban garbage sustainably while generating employment & revenue?
WHEN: Saturday 11/07/09 at 2PM
WHERE: La Jolla Public Library,7555 Draper Ave, La Jolla, CA

Mayor Jerry Sander's staff is conducting a series of free information sessions to present San Diego's (CA, USA) Clean Generation Program, which provides financing for renewable energy installations and energy-efficiency retrofits. All meetings are scheduled for 6-7 PM (pacific) and are held at different locations throughout the city.

Nov 9
Kearny High School Auditorium
7651 Wellington Way

Nov 10
Serra High School Auditorium
5156 Santo Road

Nov 12
War Memorial Building
3325 Zoo Drive

Nov 16
Scripps Miramar Ranch Branch
10301 Scripps Lake Drive

Nov 18
Valencia Park Performing Arts Center
5148 Market St.

Nov 19
Point Loma Nazarene University
3900 Lomaland Drive

-- A Notice from the America Recycle Day Org. --

America Recycles Day (ARD), November 15, is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to encouraging Americans to recycle and to buy recycled products. Celebrating its 12th year, it has grown to include millions of Americans pledging to increase their recycling habits at home and work and to buy products made with recycled materials. Through America Recycles Day, Keep America Beautiful, Inc. (KAB) and the National Recycling Coalition (NRC) support local communities and raises awareness by educating citizens about the benefits of recycling. Volunteer America Recycles Day coordinators are positioned throughout the country and work to organize recycling awareness events in their schools and communities, and in conjunction with their local municipalities.

On November 15 each year, millions of people become better informed about the importance of daily recycling and buying recycled products. The purpose of America Recycles Day is to continue to promote the social, environmental and economic benefits of recycling and encourage more people to join the movement toward creating a better natural environment.

If you are hosting an event and you want to advertise it or if you need posters and/or logos we have that all available online at

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