Friday, March 5, 2010

The Hidden Benefits of Animals

-- Quote of the Day --

Some kids find it very hard to read and write – if you can read and write you can teach yourself and do anything you want to do. Literacy is extremely important… and kids won’t learn unless they want to, and it is my job (as a teacher) to make them want to. I am a catalyst. …(as a young person) my husband had a passion for falconry but was failing high school English and a very wise teacher had him write about falconry – Now he’s a writer himself, and more than that he is a publisher. …I had to bring 4 cougar cubs to school one day (no one was at home to look after them) and it was just a wonderful reaction. The cougars were particularly what turned more students on. …There was none little boy who was put into my class (because no one wanted him) and he just sat in the back of the class room and he just would not do anything, he just defied me to teach him. But after school I noticed that he talked to dogs and cats in people’s yards on his way home so I gave him the little runt of the litter – and they connected, and the little 8-year boy flowered. He wrote about the cougars in a different way than the other children – and then he began to write about himself. And if you analyzed that poetry, far beyond his years with rhythms and connotations and illusions, and he revealed his problems – it was like bibliotherapy. …You know, the last I heard he was publishing magazines!”

~ Jan 14th – Lyn Hancock

The quote of the day was excerpted from the Animals Inspiring Kids to Write episode on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show, on Jan 14 2010. Drop in to hear the show by clicking on the hyper-linked show title above.

-- Announcement --

We apologize for any inconvenience, but the Doing The Right Thing Right talk radio show had technical issues with their switchboard today and we were unable to air the interview there this morning. I am in the process of communicating with Phyllis (the host) to reschedule the interview.

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