Saturday, April 3, 2010

Poetry Month / Library Month Begins!!!

-- Authors Read Radio --

Today's featured guest, Jason Mathews, will be reading from his novel Little Universe on Authors Read radio this morning at 9 AM - (pacific). If you can make the live show, join us in the chat room! The episode will be archived, as always, for anyone on this planet with an Internet connection or access to iTunes can tune in and listen at their convenience. Click on the hyper-linked show title above to find today's featured guest.

-- Writer Interview --

As I mentioned the other day on my blogs, we are hosting a series of writer interviews to offer writers of all genres insight, comfort, support and ideas to advance their career. We are proud to host several special events on this blog and on the Conscious Discussions radio show in celebration of Poetry and Library Month (April) - so keep dropping by every day to find what we have for you! :)

Interview with: Nedyne Shorts Nettles
Author Website:

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

A: Thank you for this opportunity! My name is Nedyne Shorts-Nettles and I have been married for almost twenty years. I have two grown children I live and work in San Bernardino, California (USA) and I am a nurse in Behavioral Health.

Q: As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

A: I wanted to be a writer or a psychologist and now I found that they are one in the same for me. I have always loved to write. When I was in elementary school I learned how to journal and had a lot of teachers telling me that I could be a great writer. And that kept me motivated.

Q: What makes a good story?

A: I love a good fiction novel and believe that realism is the key to a good story. Poison Reality: A Symphony of Bittersweet is a fictional suspense melodrama.This novel follows the formula for the suspense category because it has state of confusion, realization, a main event and climax before the ending.

Q: What would make you write in this genre?

A: This is the one I enjoy because it can mimic real life or not. It leaves the reader wanting more and is meant to have the reader’s imagination satiated with relate able circumstances. This is why I enjoyed writing Poison Reality because I felt like I was directing this movie. The climax left me numb because I had the feeling of now what. Hopefully other writers get this type of rush in the genre they chose.

Q: Do you insert your own characteristics in your writing?

A: Yes again I am a soap opera person and love characters who are real. I am a new author and utilize the process of "Brainstorming" and "Freestyle". Brainstorming is when an idea is kicked around and opinions are sought in order to maintain realism. Free styling is playing with a theme and just letting it evolve naturally. A lot of the background was developed from my personal encounters with people, venues and situations.

Q: What are your favorite publicity activities?

A: Meeting and discussing the book with people who have read it. I learn so much from their take on it. I also love doing radio interviews because it is a privilege for a host to want to know more about Poison Reality and its creative process. Lastly I love to blog because you meet people on line that you might not have ever had the opportunity to meet.

Q: Who are your favorite authors?

A: I enjoy realism books such as those written by Tom Wolfe - one in particular; The Bonfire of the Vanities. Another great book Waiting to Exhale by Terry McMIllan, and also Tara Road by Maeve Binchy. Each of these authors paid attention to realism and wrote a very action oriented book that took the imagination to the same heights as an epic movie. My favorite is by Maeve because she writes her books soap opera style also.

-- Conscious Living Event --

Zero Waste Community Workshop Program
When: Saturday, April 3 2010
Where: San Diego City College; adjacent to Cafeteria (D-121 A/B)
Time: 9-4 (Pacific)

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