Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rainforests and Celebrations

-- Quote of the Day --

"Every victim of crime - no matter who they are, 
where they live or the way in which they were victimized,
should be treated with compassion and respect for their dignity."  

~ www.victimsweek.gc.ca

--Conscious Living Events --

Wednesday, April 28
Greening PUSD
Location: Willow Grove Elementary School MPR San Diego, California (USA)
When: 6:00PM
Info: # 858-674-5610 http://greeningpusd.wordpress.com

April 26 – May 2: 
National Victims of Crime Awareness Week 

April 27:
Canada Book Day
Info: According to Wikipedia.com "Canada Book Day is celebrated on the same day as World Book & Copyright Day, ...to promote reading, publishing and the protection of intellectual property through copyright."

-- The Plight of Rainforests --

* Source: Rainforests – The burning Issue, from the Prince of Wales Rainforest Project, a part of the Prince’s Charities.

Did you know that...

Over 1/2 the world’s plant & animal species are found in rainforests?

The Amazon forest releases 20 billion tones of moisture every day helping to water crops thousands of miles away?

Deforestation releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than all the cars, planes and ships put together?

Healthy rainforests absorb up to 10% of man’s carbon emissions each year?

...or that rainforests will virtually disappear within 50 years if no action is taken?

So why are rainforests being mowed down at an alarming rate if they are so valuable? The reason is economic, my dear Watson. For instance a forest might first be opened up by miners, who build roads and tear up the earth to access the precious ore. Then loggers move in, using the roads to access valuable timber. The farmers move into the clear-cut sections bringing cattle with them, which further ruin the soil. Finally the land is converted to soybean, coffee and cocoa production (among other crops), which is force-fed with fertilizers and chemicals to induce larger volumes of product. Products on grocery shelves reflect rainforest destruction as well – palm oil is a product of this destruction.

Some solutions might be to make rainforests more valuable alive, then dead – and this can be done by paying the countries for every section of healthy forest they maintain. Supporting living rainforest crops, like Brazil Nuts, is another option.

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