Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

Our guest on today's episode of the Conscious Discussions radio show: Philip Yaffe was unable to join us this morning to give us tips on How to Write and Speak Like a Professional due to a bit of a cold he picked up. We are in the process of rescheduling with him. So instead, I will offer a Positive Eco-News  discussion revolving around Water Month (May) and will cover issues from bottled water to the health of our water. Check it out by following the links here, or look to the right side of this blog to find live or recently aired Conscious Discussions episodes.

-- Writer Interview #16 --

Today's guest author was sent our way from Brandi Drury of BK Walker Books  Urban fiction writer and entertainment blogger, Vogue - was born April L. Blanding. She is holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work and is passionate about her work as a Program Contractor with the Teen Health Center for York County in South Carolina (USA). Currently, Vogue is writing a ten-book series titled The Diamond Collection. The first novel is Diamonds in the Rough, which is being published through Passionate Writer Publishing. You can visit Vogue at www.simplyvogue.net.  The discussion below between April and I reveals how she works as a writer, how she handles some of the difficulties in this career, where she gets the motivation for her work and more:
Lillian: What motivates you to write? 

April: My motivation to write comes from anything that I may have seen or heard that sparks my imagination. It could be a conversation with another individual or even a song. Wanting to expand on the idea or vision, I immediately begin to turn that thought or vision into words. Before long, I find myself staring at the first ten pages of a novel.

Lillian: How do you spend your writing time? 

April: Before I start writing, I always review what I have written the day before. Sometimes, I may even start at the beginning of the novel. It allows me to see discrepancies and gives me new ideas for a possible twist in the storyline. Once I have reviewed my past days’ work, I then begin adding on new chapters.  

Lillian: What is your favorite genre of writing? 

AprilNarrative writing is my favorite genre of writing because it allows the author to use all aspects of their imagination. The author has full control over the setting, characters, and plot unless it is a nonfiction novel. Aside from grammar, I feel that there shouldn’t be any rules when it comes to writing. Everything should be uninhibited.

LillianDo you write only non-fiction? Or fiction? 

April: As of right now, I write only fiction. However, I have brainstormed ideas for a nonfiction book because I do not want to limit myself. I chose to write fiction versus nonfiction because there were fewer boundaries. With fiction, you can create your own fantasy world.

Lillian: What keeps you writing while getting rejection letters or struggling with writer's block? 

April: If a novel has been rejected, I take into consideration the feedback that I’ve received. My drive to give quality work is what keeps me writing. If I am experiencing writer’s block, I try my best not to write. I step away from the novel for a couple of days or maybe even weeks until I feel the urge to write again.

Lillian: Do you use certain tricks that help prevent you from straying from your goal? 

April: Before I start working on a new novel, I make an outline of the entire book. It allows me to see all of my ideas on paper before I actually start writing. I can make major changes to the novel without having to rewrite chapters since it is only an outline. Not only does it save time, but it allows me to work on my novel even when I’m not in front of my laptop.

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