Friday, May 21, 2010

Making Choices, Poetry & Team Writing

-- Quote of the Day --

I’m 64.5 years old and I meet a lot of people who say, ‘I can’t change, I’ve always done this…’ and I think of myself as a perfect example and say, ‘Of course you can change! As long as you are alive, you can make choices and decisions based on what you think is right.’ … I get to be out there and show people that you can be 60, 70, 80, or 90 and still change and grow. …The first step for greening any event is the the 3- R’s, which sounds so basic. …Think about how you can reduce – maybe the party can be done with less food, less packaging. …And Reuse, How can we do this and make it fun? Perhaps everyone can bring their own plate of food. …and of course for recycling make sure that you have the recycling bins and compost bucket ready for use. …If you took one item with reduce, one with reuse, one with recycle – you would be so much farther down the road (of greening your world)

~ Lynn Colwell (Oct 15, 2009)

Today's inspiring quote of the day originates from a Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show interview that aired back on Oct 15, 2009 - our discussion focused on: Greening Holidays & Events Click on the hyper-linked show title to go directly to the interview with Lynn, or click on the radio show title to learn more about the program.

-- Secrets of Team Writing --

Please take the time to drop by Alissa Grosso's Blog to find a discussion with Lillian (me!) about the secrets behind team writing - utilizing each other's skills and internal clocks and finding compromises... Check it out via the hyper-link above or go to:

-- Endangered Species Day --

Today, May 21st, is Endangered Species Day... According to "Endangered Species Day is an opportunity for people young and old to learn about the importance of protecting endangered species and everyday actions that people can take to help protect our nation’s disappearing wildlife and last remaining open space." The site tells us that today is set aside to recognize "the importance of endangered and threatened species and focusing attention on what we can do to save them."

Did you know that there are more than 1,300 species in desperate conditions, rated as endangered in the US alone?

-- Authors Read --

Today on the Authors Read Radio, the guest of the day was not able to join in for some reason - so the host, Lillian Brummet, reads from her poetry book, Towards Understanding and shares information about the work the Brummets' have been committed to since 1999. Click on the link above to access today's broadcast.

Find Dave and Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio shows and free resources and more at:

* Support the Brummets' efforts to raise funds for charity (Seeds of Diversity, Canadian Wildlife Foundation, SPCA) by purchasing one of our 3 books - Thank you!

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