Sunday, May 16, 2010

Writer Interview #15

-- Quote of the Day --

"Never be bullied into silence; 
never allow yourself to be made a victim;
accept no one's definition of your life; 
define yourself.

~ Harvey Fierstein

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Today's Positive News segment of the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show focuses on a discussion on violence, rights, conscious living, poetry & writing & solar hot water alternatives:

-- Writer Interview #15 --

In honor of Poetry and Library Month celebrations in April, we started doing interviews with writers, getting their impressions about the career of writing, the importance of literacy and more. This quickly became popular with our readers (thank you!) and as such we'll be continuing to do interviews and guest posts at least once a week on this blog - as long as the readers want us to. :)

Today we have Tasha Nicole Wright - author of two fiction books - who tells us that she found a passion for writing at a very young age due to growing up in a small Texan town where it was necessary to find ways of entertaining yourself. You can find Tasha through her site:

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Q.  Today, Tasha, I’d like to focus on your experience in marketing and some of the behind the scenes activities of a writer’s career. What are some of the tools you use for marketing?

A.  I think that it is most important for authors to have their very own blogs and websites. I utilize the social sites, such as, FaceBook to drive people to my website and keep them updated on what’s new. FaceBook is the hottest site to be at this very moment.

Q.  How much time do you devote to marketing your book? And what kind of marketing do you recommend?

A.  I try to update my blogs, website and FaceBook fan page as often as I can. Daily, if at all possible - just to keep in touch with the people who are fans and want to know about my work. I want to keep them updated on all my ventures.
I have created business cards that have the pictures of my book covers… and the Internet is definitely your biggest source. If you have the opportunity you definitely want to attend events and conferences.

Q.  How do you spend your writing time?

A.  When I write I always need to have to television on. No radio. The television gives me a distraction with chatter. Sometimes I have to stop for just a moment and then get back to it.

Q.  What keeps you writing while getting rejection letters or struggling with writer's block?

A.  Knowing I have a great story to tell and believing in myself. Loved ones who will not allow me to give up also surround me. Anytime I experience any type of writer’s block I go over things that I have written and get a feel of it to know where I would like to take the story or even just start on something totally new.

Q. What do you consider to be your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

A.  My greatest strength is my ability to prioritize and stay focused on everything I need to do. My biggest weakness is adding so many things on my plate at once.

Q.  What is your idea of happiness?

A.  Living by what makes you happy and not by what you think will make others happy. Conquering your dreams and goals and feeling that sense of pride in doing what you set out to do in life.

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