Friday, June 25, 2010

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-- Authors Read Radio--

Phyllis Wilson is joining us today on Authors Read Radio Phyllis is the founder of 3am Strategies and Consulting (a speaking and consulting firm), and has over 20 years in research and application in human behavior and ethics. Today, she’ll be reading from Top Ten thing to Consider, a non-fiction business guide. Check out today's episode by clicking on the hyper-linked show title: Authors Read Radio or look for the recently aired episodes via the links in sidebars located on this blog.

-- Networking, Part 2 --

* See yesterday's post for Part 1

Contact lists can be used again and again…

My contact list did not get as strong as it is without a lot of effort, patience and time. You see, simply getting exposure with an organization’s newsletter (as an example) is not enough. That is just one little achievement. In my experience, the real bonus comes in over the next few years as you continually touch base with your list of contacts offering them new articles, new content, new resources, and so on. As the years go by I might use their websites or publications as resources in upcoming articles, I might mention their achievements or help promote their events through my blog or radio show.

Yet, just mentioning them is not enough – you have to let them know about your efforts to promote their work too. So send a little note via email notifying them of the exposure you have given them with a closing comment about how much you appreciate their work, or their support of you. This creates a working relationship with your contacts and pretty soon they are recommending guests for your radio show, resources for your blog, sending you websites that might increase publicity for your work and so on. Perhaps the contacts you have will suggest exchanging promotional materials, they may invite you to a variety of events or ask you to supply an article… (like the one you are reading today) -  the opportunities here are endless.

NOW you have a working relationship with your contact list that you can continually refer to for the rest of your career. The key to any marketing plan is developing relationships – a strong support system like this can be relied on for the duration of your career. People you met 10 years ago will be there for you in the future… and this is an encouraging feeling for an author who’s trying to stand out like a purple snowflake in a snowstorm of other authors.

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