Saturday, July 3, 2010

Buy Poetry For Your Significant Other Month

 -- Quote of the Day --

"All that we are 
is the result of
what we have thought."

~ Buddha 

-- Buy Poetry For Your Significant Other Month --

Today starts off a very special event that we are celebrating on the Brummet's Conscious Blog - I am inviting poets of all genres to submit a single poem for consideration for publication on the Brummet's Conscoius blog - This is a promotion opportunity for you, and a way for me to support Buy Poetry For Your Significant Other Month - which is, of course, the month of July. I, too, will be sharing my published poetry along with other published poets on this blog throughout the month of July. 

Submission Guidelines:

Poems should reflect conscious or green living, family life or nature - they should be generally uplifting (not sad or angry) and must  be less than 35 lines.

Author Byline: (a.k.a. mini-bio) of 25-30 words, or less

Content: No swearing, religion, sexual content; submit poems that have a positive slant (keep it clean & family friendly). 

About the Blog: Brummet's Conscious Blog focuses on green and conscious living - topics range from literacy and the world of writing, to greening the home or office, volunteering, recommended resources, inspirational quotes... and so on. This blog inspires readers to be more proactive in life and only publishes thought-provoking, positive content

Audience: international audience of 350-800 blog readers per month. *numbers can vary from month to month

How to Submit: Contact me via my site:
Send me the poem you wish to have published, your bio and website address. 
Once you receive a booking (I'll let you know what day your poem will be published) then all you need to do is let your contacts know of the event - like you would any media exposure. Feel free to invite your poet friends to join in on this event.

I will start off this event by sharing an excerpt from Towards Understanding - A Collection of 120 Poems
This book has been organized in Chronological order according to the year in which the work was written, beginning in 1987 – when I was 17.  I began writing poetry about the age of 16, but that work does not appear in this book as it was too blue and angry for the public – in fact I completely deleted those files some time ago.

Poetry was one of the tools that I used to crawl out of hell. Never intending it to be read by others, it was my way of dealing with things. You will see me battle past demons, raise my voice in anger, discover self-awareness and recover from an intense relationship. You will witness the healing as I become aware of the value of my life. Finally, I begin to see beyond myself and start to question society and endeavor to understand others. I also discover a love for, and a dedication to, the health of the Earth.

This particular poem, below, was written when I was 18 or so, about 22 years ago, and reflects my views on relationships.

*You can find this poem in both the print and e-book formats of Towards Understanding - A Collection of 120 Poems


The girl in white lace and shiny gray stockings,

Attacks every man with her nightmarish taunting.

Her beauty is rare, her movements are sure.

Her casual flirting leaves minds in a blur.

Women both hate her and dote on her too.

They wish they could be that woman anew.

But they're only themselves - though jealous they be;

Thinking from women like that, no man would flee.

But she's covered in make-up and shading and light.

And she'll take many photos until she gets it just right.

These women wish with all of their foolish might,

That they forget who their man's with tonight.

As they wrack themselves over this orchestrated myth,

They enlarge the distance from the one they're with.

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