Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Day in BC...

-- Hazy Day --

It is a hazy day here in our valley... apparently in BC (Canada), which is roughly the size of California, Nevada and Oregon combined, there are over 300 fires going on. Three of which are within a few hours drive from our home city... Kamloops, Litten and I think the Peachland area as well, are all experiencing forest fires and some of this is the cause for the haze here. Luckily we had a couple days of rain in our valley, wetting the mountains thoroughly - hopefully.

Sadly, some of the heroes facing the forest management this year have met tragedy. I read yesterday that a water bomber went down and started its own fire, and they had not yet been able to search for survivors due to safety issues. It is so sad - and we want to express our gratitude today here publicly on this blog for the incredible unsung heroes out there who risk life and limb to benefit the planet. They really are amazing, and inspiring. 

Interestingly, just recently the city had a parade that went right by our neighborhood - displaying antique firetrucks... some of which were so old that they were actually hand-pulled by humans! Could you imagine running across the city to a burning building, towing a barrel of water on wheels? There were others that were created just to host ladders, or just water... nothing like the advanced machinery we have now-a-days. The Clydesdale horses were stunning.... it was a lot of fun to watch this display along with Dave's dad over a pleasant lunch (raspberry crepes, that Dave made! - yum!).

Dave and I have a little time today to go for a hike, and I'm so excited to get out of the office for a while. Dave and his dad, who lives across the street, took some time to visit an old mining town up in the mountains earlier in the week. It has been great having Dave around 24-7, but he's frustrated with his injured arm (he pulled a forearm muscle, and has something like "tennis elbow" from what I understand) and is probably not as happy as I that he is unable to work right now. However using his left hand, he still got a lot of editing, proofreading and other touch-up activities done on the Trash Talk #1 - Its Easy To Be Green e-book series... soon to be released via Booklocker.com

I've chosen the quote of the day (below) in hopes of encouraging our audience to consider the power they have as consumers. Have a wonderful day everyone!

-- Quote of the Day --

“There are some textiles that are called ‘eco-textiles’ …fibers that are extracted from the stems of hemp, bamboo or flax …but really, green products are anything that uses recycled material, or the absence of harmful chemicals or the use of organic farming, reduced energy, water use… It is really hard when you to got the mall …there are all kinds of eco-fabrics out there that we don’t really know about - so I understand that it is hard for people to choose when they go shopping. …But I think that something we can all think about is …rethink whether we are going to wear that item more than a few times when buying an item, …choosing the item based on less waste production.”

~ (May 18) Tala Rezai  

Today's quote came from a Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show interview that aired back on May 18, 2010 - when we covered Eco-Friendly Fashion options including what to look for in retail shops, and the impact one can have when buying second-hand clothing as well. 

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