Monday, August 2, 2010

Ebooks & Marine Environment

 -- Positive Eco-News --

I was reading one of the recent publications put out by the Japan for Sustainability organization and discovered an interesting piece on how recycled metal can help the marine environment. Apparently a company known as Kobe Steel Ltd embarked on a research experiment back in July '09, which involved amending an already existing fish bed with iron and steel slag(a by-product of steel manufacturing). This experiment is proving to be positive so far, however the study will continue until June 2012. At that time they will be able to release more conclusive results on this experiment. It is hoped that this can be one way for us to aide a healthy marine environment.

-- Brummet's Chatter --

*Whew*! The Brummet's Muse Newsletter went out yesterday morning... Did you get your copy? I love the quote we chose for this last newsletter, and hope you enjoy all the new news we have to share :)

Coming up in just a few weeks, all our books will be available in e-book format. By the end of August we'll have the affiliate option available for those who would like to use the e-books as a fundraiser, or as an alternative income on their site. I'll send out announcements to interested parties in September.

Print versions of our book will soon be obsolete, and we'll be focusing on the e-book format for the foreseeable future. You see, e-books is the way of the writing world now - with e-book sales growing exponentially and currently out-selling print books. The writing industry shows that in less than one decade less than 20% of the books sold will be in print format. So.. we are changing with the times. :)  

Changes to our website will be up in the next week or two, reflecting the new projects we are working on. - Keep an eye on this blog over the next few weeks, and on our site ( ) for announcements on e-book and affiliate availability, and also to find out more about upcoming e-books we will be releasing in late 2010, and throughout 2011. 

Here in Canada, we are celebrating a National Holiday known as: Civic Holiday. This is not a Statutary holiday, but a volunteer one - only 8 of our provinces in Canada honor it. This day was set aside in an effort to encourage individuals "not to work" (according to - and so, this is what I intend to do... for part of the day. How about you? Can you take some time to relax, enjoy life?

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