Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Business Ethics, Recycling & more

 -- Conscious Discussions Radio --

Join us live on the Conscious Discussions Radio show at 10 AM (pacific) for a discussion on Conscious Marketing with Shel Horowitz – this man has long-been an advocate for green and ethical business, and is well known for his guerrilla marketing techniques. Shel also founded the Business Ethics Pledge, the former host of Principled Profit radio, founder of the Down to Business E-zine, and author of quite a number of published books. Today's episode will also be archived for your convenience - Access it by clicking the links above, or look to the sidebars on this blog for upcoming and recently aired Conscious Discussions Radio episodes.

-- Positive Eco - News --

I'd like to send a shout out to the community of Oceanside (California, USA) for becoming a Zero Waste Community! Kudos to the citizens for pooling their efforts and making this inspiring, positive action towards a healthier planet.

California has a number of legislative actions being proposed at the moment… Starting with a plastic bag ban, which is a huge issue for the environment – especially with litter issues in the state. I heard through the grape-vine that this plastic bag ban was voted down, but have not been able to confirm this as of yet. I do hope that the ban goes through. 

According to Zero Waste San Diego’s email notice, California families pay hundreds of dollars every single year for plastic bag clean-up programs to deal with some of the 19 billion plastic bags distributed by California retailers annually. I wonder if they’ve calculated the cost to the animal rescue organizations and other non-profits...

There are other legislation bills being presented that will further increase waste reduction via recycling, battery collection and post-consumer paint collection systems and composting – and another bill being presented to create a more responsible carpet stewardship program. Carpet is reportedly one of the top 10 waste items in the California waste system and is one of the top 4 carbon dioxide producers in landfills. 
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