Friday, September 3, 2010

Chasing balls, greening airports & celebrations

-- Conscious Living Events --

Did you know that today is Shri Krishna Janmaashtami Day? A special day for Hindu's. We are also celebrating - Merchant Navy Veterans Day, which according to Veterans Affairs Canada ( "This is the 7th annual Merchant Navy Veterans Day which recognizes the individuals who, on behalf of Canada, made great personal sacrifice for the overall gain of the Allies during the Second World War." 

-- Baseball!!! --

Well, the Grand Forks International Baseball tournament is now in full swing - you can hear the announcers' voices reverberating down the streets in the quiet of the early afternoons - This is a time of celebrations in our area, as this event is taking place based entirely on volunteer efforts and business supporters... as it has every single year. Kudos to all who make events like these happen!

-- Eco-Travel Tips --

As many of you know I am a great fan of the Recycling Product News magazine ( - their editor has been very supportive of our work as well. 

In one of their spring issues this year the editor, Keith Barker, did a piece on greening airlines… how few of the airports have recycling bins for their patrons, how the airplanes themselves have no recycling options for passengers… it was enlightening to me, as I rarely ride on airplanes. 

There are 3 options here for travelers – ask the staff at the counter, the airplane staff, the servers at the airport, etc.. ask them questions about recycling bin location or options they may have coming in the future. This alone will stimulate change. 

Another option is to pack recyclables out of the plane, and place them in the receptacles when you land at the airport – or third, if the airport doesn’t have this option available, take the items along until a receptacle is found, which might be at the hotel you are staying at. 

If you have time, when making the bookings, ask questions about the policies for recycling and whether it would be OK to bring your recyclables to the hotel counter when you arrive, or other such questions you may have.

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