Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Chance to Teach Others

-- Quote of the Day -- 

"The greatest delight,
Is the chance
To teach others."

~ Author Unknown

This quote sums up how it we feel about keeping this blog going on a daily basis (as opposed to weekly or bi-weekly posts), our radio show and our writing. One single thought put out there could change someone's life - they might have better relationships, manage their money better, contribute to society or find their passion and purpose in life. Your comments - our readers, radio listeners, etc - keep us going in this regard. To hear that you are affected, moved and inspired by the information we are able to share is a very rewarding, fulfilling experience. 


-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio -- 

This Morning at 10-11 AM, pacific, on the Conscious Discussions Radio: Klarque Garrison is our featured guest of the day - born in Los Angeles, CA (USA) and raised by a single mom with little to no education. However, what she lacked in education she made up in unconditional love. He has owned and operated, even partnered several very successful businesses, along with 13 years in real estate investing and negotiating terms with hundreds of lenders. Learn about the power in you, via today's topic: Surviving Today's Busy-ness 

 -- Conscious Living Events --

Did you know that October is Power Smart Month? This awareness holiday was arranged so that the average individual becomes aware of the impact they can have on the health of the planet simply by making their homes and offices, and their personal habits, more efficient. 

Our book Trash Talk covers this topic and offers hundreds of small, inexpensive ideas for your family and co-workers to consider. While the paperback (1st edition) might still be available  in a few outlets - the e-book series, based on this first edition, has just been released. Starting with the first in the 2-part series - see our site for info: www.brummet.ca

Find Dave and Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio program, newsletter, blogs, and more at: www.brummet.ca * Support the Brummets by telling your friends, or purchasing a book - each book sold raises funds for charity as well!

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