Friday, October 8, 2010

Fire, Ads & Communication

 -- Quote of the Day --

There is just too much negative news topics compared to positive news topics out there. …When people feel overwhelmed by all these terrible things in the world and thoughts like the future is really grim – they feel like they cannot solve their problems, they can actually start to feel suicidal. It is so important to get the message out there that people do care, that there are lots of people out there who do care what happens on this planet. …Using “reflective” questions – a very non-threatening way to approach a young person. …Reassure them that you are available for support, that there are other resources for them as well. …And using “I” statements… and “open-ended” questions… These techniques will help you communicate with young people.”   

Julie-Anne Skyley ~ Aug 1 2010

Today's quote is derived from a Conscious Discussions talk radio show interview that aired back on August 1st titled: Helping Youth Face Stress

-- Conscious Events --

We are in the last few days of Fire Prevention Week (Canada) and this year, we are to recognize the importance of smoke alarms. Do you have one? Is it working? Have you tested it regularly, and do you have a spare battery on hand just in case? Even hard-wired smoke alarms can have battery back up... so keep that in mind. In fact, October is Fire Prevention Month internationally; you'll see awareness events in your area all month long offering workshops and information on fire prevention.

And we are also in the middle of the International Spinning & Weaving Week - which celebrates the international diversity of this craft. For info:

-- Green Advertising --

Japanese office equipment supplier Ricoh Company held a ceremony in New York City on June 8, 2010, to celebrate the completion of an eco-powered  billboard at Times Square. The billboard is the first of its kind to run solely on clean electricity generated by a photovoltaic power generator and energy stored in batteries.

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