Thursday, October 7, 2010

Greening the Jewelry Industry

-- Quote of the Day --

“It frightens me that nobody seems to care about the innocent … Nobody seems to go through the agony of the victim – they are only full of pity for the young killer, because of his youth.” 

~ Agatha Christi

 -- Brummets In the Media --

Drop by Annie Eskeldson's blog - Ashi's Gift - - for an interview with Lillian Brummet... the interview will be featured on this blog for a several days.

Learn about electronic publishing and audio formats... discover some of the behind-the-scenes activities in running a business in the writing industry... and more!

-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio --

Topic: Greening the Jewelry Industry... Our featured guest, Beth Gerstein, founded the Brilliant Earth Organization as a way to reform the diamond industry and help consumers voice their calls for a more ethical and responsible mining and gem practices. We are speaking today about greening the jewelry industry, and explaining what issues there might be in the industry including blood diamonds and gold mining. 

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