Saturday, November 20, 2010


-- Quote of the Day --

Reaction is something that happens automatically, you are not thinking about it. …You can change that and it is really not that difficult but first we must become aware of it. Before we can improve our life and really live it to the fullest we really need to become aware of the area we are not happy with… and we need to take full responsibility for ourselves – and only ourselves.”

Striving for Purpose - Barbara Hofmeister –Oct 3

Today's quote was taken from the Striving for Purpose interview that aired back on Oct 3 via the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show - click on the hyper-linked show title to access this interview, or look to the sidebars on this blog for recently aired episodes.

-- Chatter --

As many of you are already aware, I try to take 3 days in a row off from the office each month... - not an easy task when the office is located in the home. So today is one of the two days that I can afford to take off, the first in nearly 45 days! During these two days that I'll be away - feel free to scroll through the archived posts here on this blog, visit our website to see some of the ongoing activities and changes happening there... and scroll through the many links, resources or interviews on the blog or on our site. :)

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