Sunday, January 2, 2011

Marketing & Used Oil

-- Quote of the Day --

I already had the speaking and consulting side of the business before the book came out, …and I kept on being asked by people who attended the seminars whether I had a book. ...The impetus for the book was just to be able to get bigger speaking gigs. …A human being has an enormous amount to give… There are so many distractions outwardly that we think are important… and have never been taught that there is something more special inside of us. …I believe purpose gives you a direction, when you have purpose than all the questions and challenges in life are extremely challenging. When you have purpose then you have something to measure those decisions against.

 – Jeff Gitterman

 Today's quote originates from the Holistic Business & Wealth Strategies interview that aired back on Oct 26, 2010 - Access the archived show via the hyper-lined title (above)

-- Chatter --

Apologies to everyone expecting a Positive Eco-News segment to air today on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show. ...I've got a sore throat and need to give it a rest - and therefore will not be  hosting the show today. Dave wants to use the time to test some new audios that he has created for the show. I'm so excited about what he's been able to do and can hardly wait to share these new improvements and the new audios in the upcoming episodes this week - scheduled for Jan 4th & 6th. In the meantime, I do encourage our listeners to scroll through the nearly 400 archives going back to 2007 and hear some amazing voices from around the planet.

-- Positive Eco-News --
Formally, used oil has been burned in uncontrolled, unfiltered heaters, boilers and greenhouse operations, among other uses. Unfortunately this leads to heavy metal emission issues. 

I've learned of a really interesting oil collection program that started back on Nov 8, 2010 with Safety-Kleen Canada Inc. - Canada's largest collector and refiner of used oil. The company invested in an expansion in their facility that will allow them to process 191 millions liters of used oil - the equivalent greenhouse gas savings of removing 72,000 cars off Canadian roads... every single year. 

Recycling oil like this means that we can use a lubricant that has 30% reduction of environmental footprint, and this new facility has the potential of providing 13% of the lubricants produced in the province of Ontario, where the facility is located. 

Kudos to Safety-Kleen ( for their ongoing efforts as an environmental solutions company, that stimulates the economy with more than 4,000 employees.

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