Saturday, January 22, 2011

Technology & Books

 -- Quote of the Day --

Appropriate Technology encompasses technologies that can be created and repaired in the area that they will be used. …We design exclusively ‘green’ products, those that can provide the basics for starting or supporting small businesses, and improve the quality of life for the people who design the technology and the people who use it. …We focus on developing products for the developing world …and we make a point of bringing our clients into the process. …People ask us, periodically, to come and give workshops on how to make our products. …I noticed that the houses and products are not designed for low-income people. If you look at the economic distribution – it is a pyramid. There is a whole bunch of people designing for the rich people at the top of the pyramid but not too many designing for the poor. Most people have some skill to alleviate poverty, to make the world a better place. Everybody has something to offer.” 

~ John Barrie 

Today's quote originates from the Nov 18 Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode titled:  Appropriate Technology Check it out by clicking on the hyper-linked show title here or look to the Conscious Discussions home page to scroll through the archives... 

-- Chatter --

Apologies for the late start this morning, our Internet connection is sssllllllloooowwww! Not sure why, except perhaps they are just overloaded with traffic at this time of day perhaps. At least it is working now, though. I am privileged to have the afternoon off today - plan on curling up to this interesting book I'm reading right now that we had passed on to us from Dave's Dad... by William Diehl. Just finished reading a book by Stan Toler about getting along with our relations, and another one about rescued dogs... which I'm to do a book review on soon. As you can see, I love to read a wide variety of books, magazines etc. :) Dave often teases me about standing over the stove with a book in hand. (I guess I multitask a little too much.) 

-- Eco-Conscious Event --

Date: Jan 24-27
USCC Annual Conference & Exhibition
Location: San Jose, CA - USA

-- World of Writing --

Here is some interesting news about the world of writing... A recent study shows that there are about 6.4 million e-book reading devices in consumer's hands this year, and e-book sales also rose by 350% in the first few months of last year. Most of the consumers that are interested in e-books tend to be people over 55 - and they like the fact that they can change the size of the font. Most e-book readers enjoy the fact that they are so portable and being able to download books right away, as opposed to waiting for things to be processed and sent through the mail system. 

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