Friday, January 21, 2011

Recommended Resources & Recycling News

 -- Quote of the Day --

"Those who are lifting the world
Upward and onward
Are those who encourage
More than criticize."

~ Elizabeth Harrison

-- Referral Corner --

Check out these recommended resources listed below:

 Solar & Wind Energy Blog - a blog that promotes awareness of alternative energy, offering lots of tips and resources... and a free e-book as well:

Terra Nova Sharing Farm & Richmond Fruit Tree Projects - Now this is an interesting project... food and trees are sold to raise funds for giving produce and fruit trees, and providing space for community gardens for anyone living in poverty. The orchards are used for community events as well, courses are taught in the gardens on sustainable living:  

-- Positive Eco-News --

I read of an interesting study that was held in the San Diego area, where there is a maximum noncompliance recycling fine of $1000 in place. This fine was initiated not so much as to punish those who were not participating in the recycling system, but to encourage people to become proactive. After the fine was in place for a while, the study was held to evaluate what the effects have been. They found that there was a 76% increase in the volume they were seeing in the recycling system, however the landfill itself only saw a 10% decrease.  So obviously people are participating more due to the education and incentives the area has put in place, however there is also a lot of room to grow.

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