Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nature & Literature

-- Quote of the Day --
 “...Plants evolve; colors emerge and fade; fruits ripen and are eaten. Unlike a novel, a garden doesn’t end; it keeps emerging. The garden teaches us lessons about impermanence, about nurturance, about care, about interdependence – plants with other plants, flowers with insects, humans with the soil, the sun, the land, the body with food…” 

~ From the book: Iona Dreaming, by Clare Marcus –

-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio --

Today's guest:  Dagny McKinley - owner of the Undiscovered Earth Magazine and the Alternative Lawn Care website. She has a rich history including working for the National Park Service and Paramount Pictures, for the Sierra Club, as a dog sledding tour guide… an now – a writer. Obviously we’re going to have a lot to cover with today’s guest. The discussion airs, as always, live @ 10-11 AM (pacific) & will be archived... Access the link here: Nature & Literature

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  1. Just listened to the interview with Ms. McKinley and learned a lot. It inspired me to go out for a restorative walk in the woods, and if I come across a plastic tie, you can be sure it will not survive my visit. Thanks.
    Gordon Osmond


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