Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finding Bliss, Interviews, Air Conditioning

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Please join myself and the Dream Time Radio show host, Julia Widdop, for a discussion...

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Finding Your Bliss is our topic today, with special guest - Susanne Alexander Heaton:CEO of Motivated by Nature... an author, publisher, speaker and fundraiser. While being in a wide variety of work settings, Susanne had some life changing wake-up calls occur that inspired her to start her own company. Through her children's book The ABC Field Guide to Faeries, Susanne has raised over $15,000 for worthy causes – and this is just the start. 

Join us live, and drop in the chat room... or access the archived show at your convenience. The hyper-linked show title (above) will take you there, or you can access the recently aired Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show episodes via the sidebar on this blog (to the right). 

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-- Positive Eco-News -- 

A lot of our southern areas are already experiencing temperatures high enough to consider uncovering or re-installing their air conditioning units. While those of us in south-western Canada are still looking at chilly days, summer heat is just 6 weeks away. I would like to take this opportunity to give some tips for this...

- Situate the air conditioner so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. If this is not possible consider building a slated wooden shelter to provide shade, and help it run more efficiently. 

- Air conditioners are now made to be between 40% and 90% more efficient than those that are just a few years old. So upgrading may be something you want to look at - depending on how often you intend to use that machine, you may just save a lot of money. Here are two resources that may help you in this regard: (from their site...) "... cool air without using any chemical refrigerants... use up to 90% less electricity depending on the humidity and elevation above sea level. As a result, electrical demand is significantly reduced thereby reducing the amount of pollutants created by power plants" (from their site...) "...breakthrough convergence of industrially proven component technologies largely sourced from the aerospace industry"

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  1. There should be each of our efforts in making the environment friendly and less polluted and clean the air around.There are small ways surely we could help like cleaning our car and air conditioning vents to let out clean air.


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