Sunday, March 27, 2011

Green Business, Reuse & Literacy

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Today's episode will be focusing on greening businesses, conscious marketing and eco-fun :) Come join us live, where I'll have a chat room open for live listeners only - or drop by and access the archived show at your convenience... via the hyper-linked show title (below) or via the right-hand side-bar on this blog, where you can find a short list of recently aired episodes on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show. Today's episode: Positive Eco-News

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Check out my article on waste reduction in the world of literacy - titled: Extend the Life of Books & Magazines article over at Lucia Hua's : iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books blog -

-- Positive News --

I was reading the May/June 2010 issue of the Recycling Product News magazine and stumbled on some recycling information about plastics that I thought you  might be interested in. 

The European Plastics Recyclers Trade Association found that about 51% of the recyclable plastics there were recovered.  So I followed the link that they suggested  - - and this is what I discovered:

The total global production of plastics grew from 1.5 million tons in 1950 – to 245 million tons in 2008.

The biggest consumers of plastic? – packaging (37%), Construction 21%, vehicles 8% and electronics 6%... the remaining 28% is used in the medical, leisure and “other” uses. 

Bioplastics and oxo-degradable plastics (with metal salts added) are not as recyclable – since they have different properties that traditional plastics. 

Also, one of the ideas on the discussion table right now for increasing recycling in the manufacturing industries is to have a labeling scheme in place that promotes a minimum mandatory recycled content in products.

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