Sunday, March 13, 2011

Solar Power

 -- Quote of the Day --

People are healthier when they disclose their secrets to a journal – incredible research shows that… you will have fewer visits to the doctor, better blood pressure and heart rate, better lymphocyte counts to help you fight illness. …I love the idea that books are sprouting up everywhere… but in the end, the writing the book is really the reward; it is really the process that is important. …We have the potential to reach millions of people with positive messages and I think that is really exciting.” 

~ Claudia Ricci 

Today's quote originated from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show titled: Writing & Happiness - which aired back on Feb 10. 

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 -- Chatter --

After a week of having the office set in a tiny messy corner of the house while some drywall & painting went on, I'm finally back in the office again. Whew  - what a mess drywall dust is! Well, it is done now and looks fantastic. We're now working on painting the rest of the house, interior walls.

I am really tired, been fighting this darn headache for days, and my shoulders are sore so I've decided to cancel today's episode on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show. I hope that you'll scroll through the archives there for you instead and check out some of the amazing discussions we've had recently. While there, please do feel free to click those social networking buttons to share our work with your circle of friends. 

-- Positive Eco-News --

Solar power is becoming more popular around the world - while many countries have been concentrating on large scale commercial generator stations, Japan (prior to the disaster) had been putting its efforts into ten million residential applications with the aim of reducing emissions by 25%. The country has found some incentives help, such as paying higher prices for the electricity these systems feed back to the community, and free installation. Once the system is installed, the household residents will pay the company for the electricity generated at a set price for a period of 9 years, after which the system will belong to the house. This is a fantastic way to get people involved who would not have a budget for such an expense.

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  1. Solar power is very good and effective ... and there are so many uses of it,there are modern green homes which are using this for the better utilization of it by running the gadgets through it.


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