Friday, June 3, 2011

Green Consumerism - Positive Thought

-- Quote of the Day --

“…When you are in the throws of something that is consuming you – the important thing is just to trust that the passage of time will happen, and you will get out of it eventually. …The most important thing is to recognize how you feel and allow yourself to go through the emotions that are torturing you – don’t try to bottle it up. …If others don’t know what is going on, they can’t help. …Detach your mind from what has gone wrong, don’t obsess over it… don’t live in the past and learn to let it go. …Getting the brain stuck on rewind going over it over and over again – is going to keep you in a negative thought pattern.”

~ Darah Zeledon

 Today's quote originates from the interview: Universal Pearls of Wisdom - that aired back on Apr 7 via the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show...
*access the full interview via the hyper-linked show title above.

-- Positive Eco-News --

I learned through the San Diego Zero Waste Group that there may be a new labeling project coming for consumers soon. Apparently through the Bio-Preferred Program the USDA has identified thousands of products and 11 companies that would fit with a certification programs. This labeling program shows "what percentage of a product and its packaging is made from renewable plant, forestry, animal (like chicken feathers) or marine (like algae) materials" and it is hoped that this will give the consumer the opportunity to purchase more responsible products.

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