Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Changing the World

 -- Quote of the Day --

We give away our power to create the world we desire when we blame others for our actions or our inactions.  
Believing we are not responsible for our actions is denying the power we have to influence our world and understand how our choices, beliefs, and actions draw people and events into our lives which mirror our beliefs.

~ Gary Spinell, It Was You All Along

-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio --

Join us today @ 10-11 AM Pacific for a live discussion with our special guest of the day to learn about how You Can Change the World

Gary Spinell is joining us to share his passion on helping others realize the ability to change the world lies within themselves. Author of – It Was All You, All Along – shares more than 25 years of researching the components of a successful life – and he has found that it begins with understanding that we have always had the power to create change, to take responsibility for our action or inaction and to move forward knowing that we have the power to create changes with every moment we live. 

Drop in the live chat room... and you can access the archive of this episode at your convenience as well.

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