Friday, August 5, 2011

Looking for More in Life

-- Quote of the Day --
"Take risks; if you win, you will be happy - if you lose, you will be wise."

~ Unknown

-- Poetry --

Today, I thought it would be interesting to change things up a bit and offer some more poetry... this time I'd like to share two poems excerpted from my book - Towards Understanding - that share the theme of being dissatisfied with the "norm" and looking for more out of this life... I hope you enjoy them :)


Is there a purpose for us all?
Do we learn each time we stumble and fall?
And as we bleed, do we feel appreciation?
Bleeding, we suffer our own creation...
Shallow little hearts beat out sophisticated lives;
Lungs wheezing air in our polluted hives.
Bitter bile churns and chars our core,
As we worry and bite, how to take more.
Purpose in chaos - or a religious dream?
Disorganized intentions push us upstream.
And perilous waters carry our tiny hives,
Through the whirlpools of our pressured lives.


We'll dig ourselves some grit,
And with our cardboard spoons,
And with our stiffened hands,
We'll work to find a spec of gold.
Never forgetting what's bought and sold,
Ever neglecting those we've worked to hold,
Forcing us on, the longing taking us there.
It's always lurking and beyond our control.
The pan grows rusty and holes appear,
Where the stones wore their way clear,
A pan, once new - once brought dreams,
Today - brings little more than despair.
Wondering where the paths we seek,
Could have hidden from our blistered feet.
The labyrinth shines well beyond our doors…
We are called the lost and the working poor.

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