Friday, September 23, 2011

Organic Waste

-- Organic Waste -- 

According to an article I read recently on the Recycling Product Newsletter – about 30% or 50 billion dollars worth of food produced for human consumption, is THROWN AWAY!

That is about 31.79 million tons tossed out by citizens of the planet earth, and results in over 1 billion dollars in disposal related costs. There are several high-volume composting systems available for hospitals, restaurants, hotels, schools, prisons and other high volume areas like this… and we’ve highlighted a few of these in previous discussions on this topic over the years. One other that we learned of recently is called the Eco-Safe Digester which converts the waste into a liquid which can be processed in a much more eco-friendly way in the septic system.

Personally, I’d rather see the product in the form of a dehydrated powder soil amendment that the establishment can give to staff or offer to a fundraising event… or make arrangements with a local farmer. I’m curious if the liquid from this machine could be bottled and used as a liquid fertilizer – and there is no doubt that there are incredible benefits of diverting the 1200 pounds of food waste per day with just one of these eco-safe digester machines available via:

Or the industrial composting machines offered by

Or the ECorect machines that produce a dry sterile biomass, that can process between 30 and 1500 kg a day – depending on the model you choose.

But again these are the most recent models we’ve learned of – to access others simply scroll through the organic waste related episodes of the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show.

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