Monday, October 31, 2011

Conscious Events & Shopping Habits

-- Conscious Living Event --

Oct 31-Nov 2

11th Annual Conference on Renewable Energy from Organics Recycling
Location: Madison, Wisconsin

-- Conscious Shopping Habits --

Nov/Dec is traditionally a time of higher shopping habits due to the holidays, so we thought we'd put together some conscious shopping habit tips for you to consider.

First - don't idle your vehicle, shut it off. Park somewhere central where you can walk to a number of different shops. Keep a few lists going on the fridge where you can jot down things for the grocery store, gift items, and hardware store items... making your shopping experience more efficient. And consider using public transit when possible. 

Interesting studies were done in our town where they evaluated the busiest days and least available parking time:

The busiest being Tues & Wed, with the peak parking time between 12-1:10 PM. So one could hypothesize that communities elsewhere would also experience similar high traffic times. Therefore one might want to consider doing the town activities on Thurs, Sat or Sun instead – and avoid lunch hour traffic. Areas with a higher number of families might want to avoid time frames of just before or after school hours. This will help you spend less time circling around and around in search of parking stalls and wasted time standing in longer lineups.

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