Friday, November 11, 2011

Gardeners, Contributing to the Community

-- Quote of the Day --

“…My biggest thing about communicating in the gardening world is to empower people. I think in this time in our country everybody seems just a little depressed and boxed in, and a little bit helpless - like they just don’t have any control. I think they find it surprising when they realize that they have control over things like their food. …When I was being raised you got food from the store… I never saw anybody gardening to supplement their meals or even saving seed. I love showing people that they can supplement their food source and feel a sense of control.  …When you can show neighbors that [composting] can be attractive, that there is no smell, and that you have this gorgeous soil… you can positively affect change that way. …Hosting a seed or seedling party is always fun, and when you host one of those it is just like a cookie swap, where everybody can walk past the tables picking out what they need. …There are a lot of people out there who don’t have the time or are not able to physically keep a garden, just knock on their door and ask if you can build and maintain a garden in their yard and then leave a basket of food on their doorstep everyday you are there.” 

Today's quote originates from the Sunday Gardening Episode featuring special guest: Chris McLaughlin – Sept 11.  Check out the full interview via the link below:

-- Conscious Living Events --

Nov 11th
STAO, 2011 - Science Wise Choices, Healthy Planet
Location: Doubletree International Plaza Hotel
Toronto, ON (Canada) 

Nov 11 - 12th
Forging a Sustainable future Conference
Location: Irwin Jacobs Hall - Qualcomm Corporate HEadquarters
#5775 Morehose Dr. - San Diego CA (USA)
Topics: renewable energy, self-sufficiency, renewable food locally, water issues (including rainwater and gray-water use). and composting. 


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