Thursday, November 3, 2011

Home Decor

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--  What Your Home Says About Your Personality --

A person's personality can be shown by the way they decorate their home, through their choices of colour, design and even how secure their home is.

You might find it surprising but how we decorate our homes, what additions we make to them and how we look after them speaks volumes about our personalities and to the observant visitor your personality is completely on display. For example an extrovert is more likely to paint their walls with bright colours or use colourful wallpaper and a more cautious person would be the first to install security doors and security screens.


Your choice of colour within your home can quite accurately describe your personality. A more conservative person would be more likely to go for more neutral wall colours, such as beige or off-white, and if they do use a colour on their walls it is more likely to be something soft like duck egg blue or a pale green. A more creative person would sway more towards purples, blues, greens and even reds. Someone who is bold and extroverted would be brave about trying bright colours like yellow, red or pink on their walls or could try something strong like black, a dark blue or even use wallpaper with a busy pattern.


The design of a person's home can also reflect their personality. A house with lots of small rooms, nooks and crannies is likely to prefer their own company and have a few select friends rather than associate with a big crowd. Someone who plans to have a home with a large entertainment area enjoys the company of lots of people and may not have really close friends but instead has a wide range of different companions.


If your home is set up like a fortress you either have a good job and expensive belongings or you have feelings of insecurity. You might feel insecure in regards to your safety but it could also mean that you lack confidence within yourself or have feelings of inadequacy.


Someone with an elaborate garden not only has the time to spend tending it but is the type of person that enjoys spending time alone and can look to the future. They are generally patient, caring people with a nurturing nature.

Open Plan

Someone with an open plan home obviously enjoys their space and most likely has plans to fill their home with lots of friends and family through entertaining often. They like to spread out and don't like clutter. They are usually organized and plan most aspects of their lives to the finest detail.

Entertainment Area

By creating an area outside to entertain a person is anticipating having lots of parties and friends and family's over for barbecues and other occasions. Whether this happens or not often depends on the size of the barbecue. Usually, the more a person spends on their outdoor equipment the more often they like to show it off and use it. The outdoor entertainer is usually a fairly relaxed type of person that enjoys the outdoors and is friendly as well as easy going.

Pool and Gym

Someone who has the luxury of a pool or a gym is perhaps wealthy but usually is the type of person that works hard and plays hard and likes to keep fit in the process. What does your house say about you?

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