Sunday, December 11, 2011

Marketing & Wealth

 -- Quote of the Day -- 

“With your talents and industry, with science, and that steadfast honesty which eternally pursues right – regardless of consequences – you may promise yourself everything… but health. Without which there is no happiness. An attention to health then should take place of every other object. The time necessary to secure this should be devoted to it in preference to every other pursuit.” 

~ Thomas Jefferson

-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio --

Lynn Serafinn, MAED, CPCC, is a certified, award-winning coach and teacher, marketer, social media expert, radio host, speaker and bestselling author. In fact, you can find her inspiring radio show right here on the BTR station; she and I have networked over the years and I can tell you she is a pleasure to work with. Today we’ll be focusing on Lynn's new book, The 7 Graces of Marketing, and how to heal humanity and the planet by changing the way we sell, addresses both the conscious and unconscious mechanics of marketing. We’ll also learn how traditional marketing techniques have played a role in the rise of consumerism, how it has negatively impacted our health, happiness, economy and natural environments.

Today we pose the question: Does Marketing Make Us Ill?

Join us live and drop in the chat room, or access the archive at your convenience - either way, via the link above.

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