Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Humor For Divorce and Cancer

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Today's Guest:

Christine Clifford – of Minneapolis, USA - the CEO/President of two companies, Divorcing Divas (www.divorcingdivas.net) and The Cancer Club (www.cancerclub.com).  Christine is the author of eight books: Laugh ‘til it Heals… and The Clue Phone’s Ringing, which are both about using humor to deal with chronic illness and life changes - and she has spoken internationally about using humor to get through life's adversities.  We’ll learn about all of these endeavors, and what to say to people experiencing illness or divorce, but most importantly we’ll hear about her work with raising money for breast cancer research and her work with Tubman (www.tubman.org) - a non-profit women’s shelter.   

Join us live and drop in the chat room if you have the time, and if not - catch the archived interview at your convenience:

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