Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Of Destiny and Compost

-- Quote of the Day -- 

 “Mentors can cut your learning curve in half by telling you the shortcuts. ...If anyone is going to make a career change of any kind you have to do the inner work to know what your purpose is first …because then everything falls into place so much easier. …What I see that stops people from achieving their destiny is: they chase opportunity verses creating their purpose. …All life is an adventure and being open to what comes is key – it is a form of enlightenment to welcome with gratitude what comes. …It is happening for a reason and you many not realize why you took that detour but there are things you are picking up along the way that build and strengthen you into the person you are destined to become.”

~ Michelle Casto

Today's quote was excerpted from a discussion on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show recently -  Show Title: Live Your Destiny
Access the full archived episode via:

-- Eco-Event -- 

US Composting Council's 20th Annual Conference & Trade Show
Location: Austin, Texas (USA)

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