Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Energy & Children

-- Quote of the Day  --

 “…One of the most important things to do when your child is going through this -  bullying - is to document everything… so that you don’t forget what happened, what you are going to talk to the teacher about – who was involved, what was said. …You can refer back to it. …Bullies that are adults generally were bullies as children, and that is why it is so important to address this while they are children. …You see adult bullies in the workplace and even in churches… when a parent is bullying a child the child believes that this is something that they just have to take. …Children that are gay are bullied more often by adults, and is more often overlooked by adults because of the social bias. …So where are they to turn? ...If you see someone being bullied stand up to the bully and tell a caring adult. If you laughed you have added fuel to the fire.  Workplace bullying also affects the city image. Consequences are an important thing; we suggest that the bully and the parents need to do research and participate in the this, making the bully’s parents accountable for their child and what is going on.”

Jacqui DiMarco & Marie Newman

Today's quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk radio show interview titled: Anti-Bullying Techniques

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-- Positive News -- 

Did you know that technologies exist that can harvest energy from vibrations, light and even electromagnetic waves? 

We’ve read reports on trials done on stadium floors and stair cases where the energy from people walking and jumping or stamping feet was harnessed successfully enough to warrant future research projects. 

We’ve seen industry come up with ways to harness the heat generated in the processing or collected from pipes, and the flow of air or water passing through exhaust or intake pipes. 

I’ve even seen reports on carbon dioxide being used to power fuel cells. 

It's fascinating to imagine where this might take our energy in the future.

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